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Re: [TCML] Almost there... MMC

Hey Steve,

the set up of the caps depends primarily on the voltage and amperage output of your hi volt transformer. Lets say you are using a NST at 12KV 30mA, to start, we know that it is normally suggested to have a cap voltage rating approximately 2X the supply voltage ( keeps those nasty hi volt surges/kickbacks from frying the caps so quickly). Next, you should find the resonate value of the transformer/cap combination and then go about 10 - 20% higher ( this is called LTR , larger than resonate) values for the cap set. A resonate cap for this example would be .0066 uF, a LTR cap would be .0072 -.0080 uF ( most people go for .010uF for added protection). WinTesla has a neat little program in it to determine resonate cap values for the transformer....

heres a weird analogy...
consider your water supply can produce 1 gallon of water per second for 1.85 seconds and your water balloon is capable of holding 1 gallon of water. you hook up your water supply and fill the balloon, it gets full and tight, nearly to the point of bursting ( this is a resonate cap system) but if you miss the 1 second point and it continues to fill, OOPS, the cap blows up. In a LTR system, the same water supply is used, but you have a balloon that is capable of 2 gallons of water, so if you miss the 1 second point, you still have a good balloon :)

for the 12KV 30mA situation, take all 12 caps and place them in series for 24KV at .0125 uF. This gives you the 2X volt coverage and a LTR rating.

Scot D

Stephen J. Hobley wrote:

In the TC parts kit I ordered there are 12 capacitors - each one is
0.15mf 2000V. I also have a big bag of 10Meg 1/2 Watt bleeder resistors.

How do I go about choosing a wiring configuration? Serial/parallel
etc... The more sites I read, the more options there seem to be, and the more
confused I get.

I'm starting to work with the Tesla map program, and although it's
really good with numbers, it's not so good at answering my questions :-)

This is the last piece of the puzzle; any help in slotting it into place
would be greatly appreciated.

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