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Re: [TCML] Almost there... MMC

Hello I am building an mmc as well and what I did was wire in series until you match double your transformer's output voltage then wire in parallel until you run out of caps because series doubles the caps voltage but reduces the capacitance parallel increases capacitance but DOES NOT reduce voltage
I hope this helps,
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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 22:57:05 
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Subject: [TCML] Almost there... MMC

In the TC parts kit I ordered there are 12 capacitors - each one is
0.15mf 2000V. I also have a big bag of 10Meg 1/2 Watt bleeder resistors.

How do I go about choosing a wiring configuration? Serial/parallel
The more sites I read, the more options there seem to be, and the more
confused I get.

I'm starting to work with the Tesla map program, and although it's
really good with numbers, it's not so good at answering my questions :-)

This is the last piece of the puzzle; any help in slotting it into place
would be greatly appreciated.

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