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Re: [TCML] EBay

You might have mentioned this before, Jeff, but were you in touch with his
PR agency and/or concert promoter? I'd be surprised if they didn't jump at a
win-win scenario like presenting the suit on consignment at his concerts in
the future for a suitable profit share. I'd be surprised if there wasn't
some nutball, er, huge fan out there that would see it at the big T-shirt
and hoodie and hat display and drop the cash right away - I mean, sure,
Ebay's huge, and I know you did lots of press around it, but really, how
many of his fans are frequent Ebayers do you think?

Just a thought.

On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 1:43 PM, Jeff W. Parisse <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Auction Over = 0 Bids
> I guess I learned that it doesn't matter how large one's fan base is "back
> home" even if in the billions. If one is unknown in Hollywood, one is
> "unknown". So much for "superstar" Andy Lau.
> I also learned not to rent out HV Safety suits on the promise they'll be
> repaired after the concert. Next time, I will insist that we use our
> dancers
> or it is a deal breaker. The garment that was the subject of the auction
> will be gifted to my Water Park client who, I'm sure, will appreciate it.
> Jeff
> ----- Original Message -----
> > The Andy Lau suit auction is not a write off but my public test of
> > "superstardom". If this were a Mick Jagger or Madonna collectable, it
> > would sell for tens of thousands of dollars. People in non-Hollywood
> > locations (Bollywood, Hong Kong, etc.) often point out to Americans that
> > their fan base is many times larger than the so-called superstars of
> > Hollywood and therefore more popular. Can't argue with the math!
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