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Re: [TCML] EBay

Auction Over = 0 Bids

I guess I learned that it doesn't matter how large one's fan base is "back home" even if in the billions. If one is unknown in Hollywood, one is "unknown". So much for "superstar" Andy Lau.

I also learned not to rent out HV Safety suits on the promise they'll be repaired after the concert. Next time, I will insist that we use our dancers or it is a deal breaker. The garment that was the subject of the auction will be gifted to my Water Park client who, I'm sure, will appreciate it.


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The Andy Lau suit auction is not a write off but my public test of "superstardom". If this were a Mick Jagger or Madonna collectable, it would sell for tens of thousands of dollars. People in non-Hollywood locations (Bollywood, Hong Kong, etc.) often point out to Americans that their fan base is many times larger than the so-called superstars of Hollywood and therefore more popular. Can't argue with the math!

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