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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy

Hi Phil, all,

Yes, I was thinking the same thing as to the cost
of such a "project". Of course I have no idea what
the total final cost would be and I'm sure that Jeff
isn't going to share any of that kind of info with us.
However, I'd suppose that by the time you consider
all the fancy NEW system components along with the
time, labor and expertise that is going into the cre-
ation of this system, the transportation for the coil itself
and all of the support crew to and from Beijing, including
food and lodging and/or expense accounts, you'd have to
be looking at several million US dollar$ !!

David Rieben

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We are almost finished with the sub assemblies for the Giant 13M  Tesla
Coils for the Beijing
Olympics. I am creating folders on Flickr to catalog the stills

Absolutely sickening! ;)
   I can't imagine how much all of that cost!
   Looks pretty straightforward, though. No substitute  for cubic inches,
eh? On the other hand, tried and true is the way to go when the whole world is
   Also looks like the RSGs were designed to avoid the  "loose motor"
incident of the original 13M.
   Let us know before you decide to write this one off  on Ebay! :)

-Phil LaBudde

Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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