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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy


Impressive work you and your team is doing!

You said that it is a twin system, and I am accustomed to defining a twin system as dual coils run with the same spark gap.

But there are 2 spark gaps.

So did you make one extra gap as a backup, or are you running 2 separate coils adjacent to each other.

This has some significance with regard to the formation connecting streamers.

Cheers, Finn hammer

Jeff W. Parisse skrev:
Scott you win!

That's a damn close estimate so far for the construction material and labor. That smile face after your name makes me want to check the log files on our server... LOL

BTW... the system(S) are permanent and built for the weather in the region. They are designed to live in the rain, sun and wind.

Our costs are unknown at the moment for reasons Jim pointed out. Our piece of the pie is small compared to all the construction going on in China; two extra coil tower foundations, two power rooms, massive 300kW R.F. ground network, 600 to 800A of company power, etc. All the on-site elements require massive conduiting, rebar, concrete pours, multi-story power rooms and transmission line runs. I'll never know those costs but they too can be estimated accurately.


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Let's get everyone on the list to guess the total cost of the project and the person who gets within 5.00 USD gets the system after Jeff is finished with it!! :)
( Jeff you can be included too)

I'm placing the cost at   773,718.53$

Scot D    :)

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