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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy

Hey David, Jeff...

Lets start a "lottery"...

Let's get everyone on the list to guess the total cost of the project and the person who gets within 5.00 USD gets the system after Jeff is finished with it!! :)
( Jeff you can be included too)

I'm placing the cost at   773,718.53$

Scot D    :)

David Rieben wrote:

Hi Phil, all,

Yes, I was thinking the same thing as to the cost
of such a "project". Of course I have no idea what
the total final cost would be and I'm sure that Jeff
isn't going to share any of that kind of info with us.
However, I'd suppose that by the time you consider
all the fancy NEW system components along with the
time, labor and expertise that is going into the cre-
ation of this system, the transportation for the coil itself
and all of the support crew to and from Beijing, including
food and lodging and/or expense accounts, you'd have to
be looking at several million US dollar$ !!

David Rieben

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