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Re: [TCML] JAVATC - questions

Hi DC,

I've already got the inputs for you. Everything is in centimeters in this case, so be sure to either convert to inches or set the units to cm.

Note; Thomas has a cylindrical topload with radius's top and bottom. The top load objects are such to represent that particular geometrical cylinder (which may seem odd to those not using Javatc). Also, these values are not tuned but simply inputs that represent the coil as is. You should find k at 0.083. His top terminal C is effectively about 8.8pF. I think if he had a toroid say 6cm x 30cm, he would gain maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn on the primary.

Take care,

Sunday, March 23, 2008 8:09:17 PM

Units = Centimeters
Ambient Temp = 68°F

Surrounding Inputs:
200 = Ground Plane Radius
200 = Wall Radius
200 = Ceiling Height

Secondary Coil Inputs:
Current Profile = G.PROFILE_LOADED
3.5 = Radius 1
3.5 = Radius 2
20 = Height 1
52 = Height 2
480 = Turns
23 = Wire Awg

Primary Coil Inputs:
9.45 = Radius 1
28.2 = Radius 2
19 = Height 1
19 = Height 2
8.5 = Turns
0.8 = Wire Diameter
0.01 = Primary Cap (uF)
76 = Total Lead Length
0.5 = Lead Diameter

Top Load Inputs:
Toroid #1: minor=3, major=13, height=55, topload
Toroid #2: minor=3, major=13, height=71, topload
Disc #1: inside=0, outside=8, height=55, topload
Disc #2: inside=0, outside=8, height=71, topload
Cylinder #1: diam=13, bottom_h=55, top_h=71, topload


DC Cox wrote:

Fire me your tel number offlist and I will call you and walk you thru the
program.  It is truly a work of art and is very accurate for almost all
designs.  I strongly urge all beginning coil builders to use it prior to
laying out their hard earned funds building a coil that may not work
properly on initial fire-up.  Bart has done a great service to the entire
Tesla coil community with his hard work on this program.

Dr. Resonance
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