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[TCML] JAVATC - questions

I've been into coiling over 2 years now and have just gotten into JAVATC this past week in an effort to solve some problems with my coil.? I can't believe I haven't used it before now - what a great program.? I think I'm figuring out how to use the program, but I have a couple questions.? Hopefully Bart or someone could help me out:

Regarding the input for Primary Radius 2 (for a flat spiral primary),?do you enter the full radius (i.e., 1/2 the full diameter) of the primary...or some other number?? The reason I ask is,?the program Output Data shows Average Space Between Turns around 0.5".? I know my actual spacing isn't perfect, but it's not that far off.? I've gone back to measure with a ruler?& spacing is generally very close to 0.25" edge-to-edge.? Seems like the program is giving me center-to-center spacing,?or I'm?just entering something wrong.? 

This?problem may be due to my not properly interpreting?the explanation diagram's R1/R2 terminology.? I could use clarification on this.

Also,?the program sometimes changes the?value for Primary Radius 2?from what I had input.? I don't know why it does this or whether it means I'm doing something incorrectly.

Last question, the explanation text for primary inputs refers to connecting the the flat spiral primary to ground.? In my case, the primary is not connected to ground.? Rather, the end of the inside turn is connected to the tank cap and the other connection is the primary tap from the spark gap.? No primary coil connections to ground.? Will the program still work for this configuration?

Thanks for your help.? Dennis Hopkinton MA

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