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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy

Hey Jeff...

exquisite work...  what size "wire" are you using on the secondary??
and is that PVC plate you are using for the main structure? ( if it is, machining the stuff must arouse the neighbors as to what it is, I find grey PVC stinks when machined)

Did yall machine the plates and accessories at your shop or did you have them done elsewhere?

Looking at the pictures, I am assuming that the multiple lengths of channel and wire clasps are for the secondary "wire" support structure, it was kinda difficult to see what was under all the plastic wrap... once again assuming it was the secondary already wound...

on the SRSG, the rotation of the electrode, is it CCW or CW facing the non motor end? ( i was wondering about areodynamics, hi vs. low pressure and spark propigation).

give us a hint ....
Scot D

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