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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy

Alright Scott...  ;-)

Yes, that is PVC and YES it stinks to high heaven!!! The neighbors complained about the noise of the air compressor more than anything else. The risers and "I" beams are high strength composite material (non-carbon fiber) specially made for radio towers and other R.F. structures. The fasteners are all high strength machined fiberglass bolts and nuts and were wicked expensive. We are building everything in house.

Electrical Facts:
All the "resonator" details can be found on Bill's site (www.ttr.com) as these coils are a copy of his prototype. Bill is the chief engineer on this project and Sam is the project engineer. The system is 50Hz and therefore must be setup and run in China. We are testing subsystems only. The prototype was tested and analyzed extensively.

The rotor spins with the ends of the arms bending away from the direction of travel (as if being bent by the wind). Speaking of wind; Bill, Brian, Sam and I designed a really neat airflow system with the arm acting as a quasi-squirrel cage fan. When I upload the "First Spin" video this weekend, you'll all get a better idea of how it works. Surprisingly, the BARSGs are very smooth and quiet unlike the prototype which was the most frightening piece of equipment I have ever had the pleasure to work near. Congratulations go to Bill and Jim S. for their fine work.

Same as usual. just more zeros. J Seriously, the job is like any other, were just working really, really hard (six days a week since October - me seven). Sometimes in show business one must put in consecutive 24 hour work periods (my record is 4 for Microsoft); that is hard. This is harder. But in the end, like the TV commercial, the result will be priceless; a monument to Tesla and a testimony to Bill Wysock's irrefutable dedication to Tesla's technology. The total project cost is in the millions.

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give us a hint ....
Scot D

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