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[TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy


We are almost finished with the sub assemblies for the Giant 13M Tesla Coils for the Beijing Olympics. I am creating folders on Flickr to catalog the stills and I'll be making a YouTube movie of the construction phase while the container ship sails to China. I'll make the latter available on a DVD after the coils run in China. Here is the first set:


You may notice some new faces. Jim Shaffer did most of our spark gap machining. Justin Hayes and Aron Koscho provided electrical engineering help and Rodger Driverr set up our motor controllers. Also seen are Jeff Parisse, Nick Ritter, Sam Barros, Bill Wysock, Brian Basura Chris Wheeler, Ben Ragins and Gary Peterson.

Enjoy the photos!

Jeff W. Parisse
Director, kVA Effects
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