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Re: [TCML] Giant 13M Eye Candy

Hello Jeff.

VERY nice work with your system. I really appreciate the nice craftsmanship.
I am as well pleased to see a project of this magnitude come to life as projects
that size usually are prohibitively expensive. Glad to knwo there are people willing
to take
the effort it takes and I can't wait to see more pics and sparcs.

I noticed some serious improvements in the choice of material over the original
Model13M ( I hope I am not misinterpreting something ).
What are you doing with your gap this time? More SF6 or massive airflow?
The encasing looks like it could use some venting at these power levels...

I can only wish you and your team luck for a safe and successfull first light and a
great performance, though I will probably never be able to see these beasts in real
life ...
and then... terrence and philipp ... yea, great choice ;-)

I'd quit my job anytime to work on a team like this... sigh... ;-)

my best wishes


Christoph Bohr

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