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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi Ed,

Ed Phillips wrote:
Typical behavior which I have observed both "in person" and in my Electronic Work Bench [simple Spice] simulations assuming constant transformer leakage reactance which isn't very close to the real world. Under some primary voltage and "approach to resonance" of the charging circuits the behavior appears almost chaotic. It's also possible to pick excitation voltages [relatively low] where the circuit "counts down", creating one spark for several primary voltage excursions.

Typical behavior in spice? The low voltage arcs? The time frame in which they occur? Or are you referring to just the assumed chaotic behavior?

In Gary's waveform, if the transformer rolls into a high current state for a brief period and if there is still a high ion density between electrodes, "then" we can see low voltage arcs. Also, if the cap has retained some charge and if there is still a high ion density between electrodes, again we can see low voltage arcs. I don't think you can simulate this situation.

I don't know which is occurring (if either), but they are good candidates for the explanation to the low voltage arcs assumed in the waveform. However, it might be easy to test.

Maybe I should measure bps on Analog input 1 and measure transformer current on analog input 2. Thus, any peak in current would be correlated in time to the gap arc. That might tell something of value that would help here.

Take care,
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