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Re: [TCML] having problems with vttc tuning...

After you try reversing the  grid coil wires as Dr. R.  suggested,
if you still see no sparks, you can try holding a small fluorescent
tube near the primary to see if it lights up.  If it lights,  then
the circuit is oscillating but is probably mis-tuned.  Be  careful
holding the fluorescent tube near the primary so you don't
get electrocuted by the high voltage of the primary.  VTTC's
can be tricky to tune up.  Also try looking at the break-out
point at top of VTTC in dark room to make it easier to see
perhaps a tiny 1/4" long spark if you're mistuned.  It helps
if the breakout point is very sharp to help give some sort of
tiny 1/4" spark.  Once you see a spark, you can adjust various
things until the spark length improves.  And of course monitor
the tube plate to make sure it doesn't get too red.  (assuming
the tube is good in the first place.

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