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RE: [TCML] Transformer cores


I too have a 6 MOT, 3 transformer oil filled ammo can power supply.  Just a
note of caution and amazement:  If you use regular three conductor stranded
wire power cord to go below the oil to connect to the primaries, you may
find as I did that the oil wicks it way through many feet of power cord and
can make a mess at the other end of it!  Best to use solid enamel insulated
wire for the part that is immersed in oil.

--Steve Y. 

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   I just finished building my 6MOT power supply , I am very happy with the
results ,the mots are in pairs and placed in 3  .50 cal ammo boxes and
filled with oil , thanks to everyone on the list for the info on MOT stacks
, the archives have been extremely helpful. hope to have some pictures one
  Thanks again

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