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[TCML] Transformer cores

  I was looking at my mot transformers and noticed that the laminations were welded together in a couple long welds that joined all the laminations. I thought the laminations were supposed to be insulated from each other ? I am going to be starting on my slide choke soon and was thinking about how to stick the laminations together , I came up with coating each piece with polyurathane then using epoxy to glue the whole thing together , then coating the whole thing  with a coat of epoxy that way the laminations are all separated and not touching .But if welding them together will work then I will do that . If I can weld them is there any point in even using polyurathane to insulate the layers ? thanks for any replies 
   I just finished building my 6MOT power supply , I am very happy with the results ,the mots are in pairs and placed in 3  .50 cal ammo boxes and filled with oil , thanks to everyone on the list for the info on MOT stacks , the archives have been extremely helpful. hope to have some pictures one day  
  Thanks again
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