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Re: [TCML] Applications of the Tesla transformer

Stephen, I don't know about the Borderland series but a Google of Eric Dollard reveals that he talks about Orgone energy, Scalar vectors, lots of pseudoscience and makes a whole lot of unsubstantiated claims. Generally discussions of this type are not welcome here on this (hopefully) science based site and there are other "alternative" sites for those that want to go down that path.

Was very impressed by your laser harp and the midi integration.

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Subject: [TCML] Applications of the Tesla transformer

I've been reading the list avidly over the last couple of weeks. One thing I've not seen too much of are the applications of the Tesla transformer.
Does anyone do anything interesting and unusual with them?
I've been watching some of the Borderland Science series, and find some of the stuff going on there really fascinating.
Has anyone tried to reproduce Eric Dollard's work?
...and if so, what did you find?

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