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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

John & Bart:

With parallel copper tube spark gaps, and 30-60 mA drive I usually obtain
1.27 Freau factor.  With hyperbaric gaps, much more efficient quenching, I
use 1.55 Freau factor.  I can never seem to hit the 1.7 but as I recall John
was using a 42 inch sec coil when making this measurement.

The Esec = -L x dI/dt factor seems to become very important as the L is very
large with a large diameter inductor.  Also, the hyperbaric gap will reduce
the dI/dt factor, and of course increase quenching, which allows a lower
number of notches to achieve good quench, especially in a small system.

Dr. Resonance

On 3/12/08, bartb <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi John,
> FutureT@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > However small coils seem to give  shorter
> > sparks than the formula suggests, so perhaps the spark would be about
> > 6" or 7" long.
> >
> As of 1 week ago I would agree, but I know someone who has claimed to
> build a very small coil that is getting really good spark lengths (the
> JF formula is working for him). I'm awaiting his data. It should be
> pretty interesting to compare his coil to the typical small coil. Maybe
> were missing something with small coils that will show up. I certainly
> am troubled about small coils performance and am hoping something
> obvious shows.
> Take care,
> Bart
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