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Re: [TCML] 5" Sparks - Approx 35 watts input power: Tesla was correct!

Peter, Jeff,
I agree with what Peter says below.  Also I don't understand why  anyone
would consider it difficult to produce a 6" spark using 35 watts even  for a 
type of tesla coil (non-kicker type).  Using my formula:
  spark length inches = 1.7* sqrt input watts (wallplug)
gives a result of 10" for 35 watts.  However small coils seem to give  shorter
sparks than the formula suggests, so perhaps the spark would be about 
6" or 7" long.
In a message dated 3/12/2008 7:02:03 A.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>About 40 years ago I was driving twin antiparallel ignition coils  from a 
>1A through a multivibrator to get perhaps 1 inch sparks. Ie  12 watts per 
>inch. You are getting 7 watts per inch. No problem with  that.  The break 
>rate will determine the power but not the spark  length. Drop your break 
>down to 1Hz and your spark length stays  the same but power drops to perhaps 
>only a few watts.

>I  think people were thinking that you were talking about a "Tesla coil" ie  
>air cored resonant HV transformer. With a TC, "Break rates" and hence  power 
>are likely to be perhaps 10 times higher higher than a  multivibrator 
>(guessing here), hence power drawn will be 10 times  greater. Spark length 
>tends to be more as a consequence of spark  growth than voltage (hence you 
>see streamers with a TC but not your  type of kicker setup).
>I suspect "a few people considered this an  unrealistic request" were 
>comparing apples and oranges.
>Nice  setup  BTW.


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>>From: "Jeff Behary"  <electrotherapy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>>Hey All,
>>A while  back I posted a request to try and replicate Tesla's table top  
>>oscillator that he claimedgave 6" sparks with less than 35 watts  of input 
>>power.  I think a few people considered this  anunrealistic request.

>>Jeff Behary
>>The Turn Of The  Century Electrotherapy  Museum

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