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RE: [TCML] BPS Testing

While missing 3 laminations shouldn't make a big difference if everything else is the same, there is the possibility that the reassembled components did not go back together perfectly tightly, and this would have the net effect of fewer laminations.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hi John,
> I agree, if only 3 laminations then this makes only slight difference. I
> think the fact that the NST's get warm at 140Vac is showing that the
> transformers are likely saturating. But this of course would have to
> measured against a normal input voltage temperature. What is strange, is
> how saturation affects the current available for cap charging. This is
> the key. If we run our NST's into saturation for low duty cycles, it may
> be a big plus for getting a lot of current our of a little transformer
> which would increase bps.
> I'll measure power this weekend when I run the bps testing. I'll check
> 120V and 140V power draw for the 15/60 Franceformers.
> Take care,
> Bart

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