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RE: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

Perhaps it's not really rocket science to gauge the peak magnitude of mains hash.  I'll also try employing a simple R-C high-pass filter between my mains wires and a large counterpoise reference ground plate (sheet of Al foil) on my concrete basement floor, and seeing at what input level my scope triggers at, with the various secondary grounding schemes.

Gary Lau

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> You have inspired me to do some experiments.  With my 4/20 NST-powered mini
> coil, I'll try various secondary base connections, ranging from no connection (if it
> doesn't arc), to a long and lazy piece of #42AWG lying insulated above the
> basement floor, to a copper ribbon tied to the water main in my basement.  I'll
> report maximum spark length; unfortunately I have no means to gauge mains hash.
> This will be interesting - I don't recall ever hearing of such an experiment!!

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