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[TCML] top load and photography

I didn't want to go off on too many different tangents with my last email, but speaking of various top loads, I thought some might be interested in one inparticular that I have. It's a disc made out of two pieces of heavy gauge copper. The round pieces were curved around the edges and very nicely welded together, giving a clean breakout edge all around. It's 14" across and 1" deep. As I said, I don't know the gauge of copper, but it weighs about 7 pounds. I didn't build it, I found it on ebay a few years ago. 

I have a question about photography, obviously about taking pictures of coils in action. I've seen plenty of others do it, but I thought I'd ask y'all about it first before I fry my camera. I wasn't concerned back when I was using an old film camera, but now I have a digital Canon Rebel. What kind of concerns should I have when shooting around an operating coil? I'd like to be fairly close (actually, in my basement, I don't have much of an option). Is 6 to 8 feet a comfortable enough distance? Thanks in advance,

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