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Re: [TCML] pole pig question ###

Hans Schattenmeister wrote:
The only thing that frightens me about this configuration is the danger of electrocution. With two hot HV bushings you can accidently bump one and survive. With one bushing grounded the other remains hot at a full 14.4 kV. Bump this one and you'll die. Just a thought. Your rubber tennis shoes won't insulate you from 14.4. They might protect you from 7.2 kV.
Please, don't rely on your rubber tennis shoes to save you. Both are high potential and lethal, require the same attention and safeguards, and one is no less dangerous than the other. Physically unplugging mains from the source before messing with anything is the #1 safety precaution.

Running single ended is not about safety, it's about less wires to and fro and providing zero common mode voltage between pri and sec ground. It's that simple.

Take care,
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