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RE: [TCML] pole pig question ###

Great pics. Where did you get the cable standoffs?
They look like the ones used on the wire from a
flyback to a CRT.


--- Jim Calvin <jcalvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice.  I
> completely agree with
> Dr Resonance about pulling the plug and never
> trusting your life to a
> switch.  After reading through all the emails,
> especially the ones
> mentioning 60hz resonance, I wired up my coil with
> the new pig and ballast
> and it worked great!  I had one of my business
> partners put some of the
> photos on line. (keep in mind the second photo is a
> 30 sec exposure).
> http://www.newagemicro.com/tesla5/
> Best regards Jim C.

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