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Re: [TCML] pole pig question ###

I agree completely with Bart.

Using rubber shoes, yes, you could be right.  You could be DEAD right.

Just don't ever do this  --- and, it's real bad advice for any new members
of the Tesla List.  Ever wonder why they put pole transformers high up on

Dr. Resonance

> Hans Schattenmeister wrote:
>> The only thing that frightens me about this configuration is the danger
>> of electrocution. With two hot HV bushings you can accidently bump one
>> and survive. With one bushing grounded the other remains hot at a full
>> 14.4 kV. Bump this one and you'll die. Just a thought. Your rubber
>> tennis shoes won't insulate you from 14.4. They might protect you from
>> 7.2 kV.
> Please, don't rely on your rubber tennis shoes to save you. Both are
> high potential and lethal, require the same attention and safeguards,
> and one is no less dangerous than the other. Physically unplugging mains
> from the source before messing with anything is the #1 safety precaution.
> Running single ended is not about safety, it's about less wires to and
> fro and providing zero common mode voltage between pri and sec ground.
> It's that simple.
> Take care,
> Bart
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Dr. Resonance

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