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Re: [TCML] PC boards

Thanks guys,
     I am already using perf board, but I have acquired enough parts to 
make 5 drivers, so I figured PC board would be the way to go.  also does 
anybody have any experience with this etching solution, it sounds pretty 
good to me, as I already have all the ingredients.
Thanks again.

Scott Bogard.

BunnyKiller wrote:
> As far as perf boards go, they are fine if you like wires. I prefer 
> the perfboard with the square copper tabs on the bottom. It allows you 
> to place components and then use solder bridges to route the path 
> along the squares. If you need to correct a path, simply heat up the 
> solder in the area to be corrected and tap the board to remove solder. 
> The only disadvantage to this method is the required amounts of 
> solder....
> Scot D
> Peter Terren wrote:
>> You can still make some pretty significant things on perfboard with 
>> point to point wiring.
>> Here is a packed mag-lev board with 4 IC's that still runs fine after 
>> 2 years museum use.
>> http://tesladownunder.com/Magnetic%20levitation.htm#Magnetic%20Levitation 
>> Even more extreme is this completely point to point art piece. There 
>> is no perf board, everything is point to point and supported by the 
>> connections to the supply rail. Still works after 20 years. 8 IC's 
>> and perhaps 100 components
>> http://tesladownunder.com/Electronics.htm#Pyramid
>> Peter
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