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Re: [TCML] PC boards

As far as perf boards go, they are fine if you like wires. I prefer the perfboard with the square copper tabs on the bottom. It allows you to place components and then use solder bridges to route the path along the squares. If you need to correct a path, simply heat up the solder in the area to be corrected and tap the board to remove solder. The only disadvantage to this method is the required amounts of solder....

Scot D

Peter Terren wrote:

You can still make some pretty significant things on perfboard with point to point wiring. Here is a packed mag-lev board with 4 IC's that still runs fine after 2 years museum use.

Even more extreme is this completely point to point art piece. There is no perf board, everything is point to point and supported by the connections to the supply rail. Still works after 20 years. 8 IC's and perhaps 100 components


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