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Re: [TCML] PC boards

I am just building some simple flyback drivers, and I am sick of the mess of soldering bare wires directly to dangling diodes and transistor leads, and I want something more permanent than a chunk of breadboard. Since it doesn't have to be perfect I don't need an incredibly steady hand (plus I have a little sister with lots of nail polish experience). I planned on drilling the holes and inserting the components before I drew the trails to make sure everything goes where it is supposed to. Thanks for your help guys.

Scott Bogard."

	How about perf board with push-in pins or eyelets?  Really handy and quick if you're only making one of a thing and by using insulated wires you don't need to worry about crossovers as you would with a PC board; it's easy to make compact assemblies if you sketch the layout first and arrange things appropriately.  PC boards are neater and great if you're going to build several of one thing but take a significant amount of work.


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