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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer

I built a HV transformer about 30 years ago.  I used a step down transformer and removed the secondary low voltage high amp winding and replaced it with my own HV winding.  I hand wound 1 layer every night after school and painted it with varnish.  The next day it was dry and I would wind another layer.  It took me about 3 weeks to make the transformer the secondary was 10,000 volts at 2500 watts.

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>Hello all,
>    Has anybody tried building their own transformer to drive a coil. It 
>seems simple enough, yet I've never heard about it. If not, does anybody 
>know why this is not commonly done. Tesla wound his own transformers and 
>his coils outperformed most of ours.
>Clive Hansen
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