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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer

I first built my own transformer based on a 'recipie'' coiol as given by Transtrom in "Electricity at High Frequencies and Pressures" - it worked exactly as claimed. It took about a month of part time weekend work. 

If there were readily available 5 to 7 kVA transformers - I would have got one . The electricity suppliers and transformer manufacturers that supply them all nominated lightning strikes as the principal reason why they burnt out and were being discontinued.

"Design of Small Transformers" is an excellent book that gives the complete understanding to build anything to 10kVA - above which cooling of the transformer oil may become a design issue - depending on the duty cycle required.


> Clive Hansen <mrclivehansen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello all,
>     Has anybody tried building their own transformer to drive a coil. It 
> seems simple enough, yet I've never heard about it. If not, does anybody 
> know why this is not commonly done. Tesla wound his own transformers and 
> his coils outperformed most of ours.
> -Clive
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