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Re: [TCML] Spark dynamics on Jacobs Ladder


The video seems to show the wires coming out of a building with steel doors with signs on them and ventilator grids over the transoms. Perhaps they are some sort of utility transformer vaults. That's a whole lot of power to have available in any sort of domestic setting. I sure wouldn't want to be jacking into that kind of power off the record.

Any idea if anyone has built a similar demonstration on a smaller scale?


Bert Hickman wrote:
Hi Dave,

Beats me! But the description (and sound) says that the discharge is DC, not AC. Perhaps a substation for DC traction?? 3 kVDC is one of the voltages used in Europe...


David Speck wrote:

Any idea what sort of transformer they used to get 500 amps at 3 kV? That's about 1000 MOTs in parallel (not to mention 1.5 megawatts!!)!

One very interesting video clip shows a circular Jacob's Ladder created by a higher current (3 kV, 500A) arc. The circular loop has a gap to prevent the arc from "hanging" half way around. Any German speaking folks who can translate the speech on the video?


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