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Re: [TCML] In need of oscilloscope [Denver] rather quickly if possible

Dave Pierson wrote:
On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 00:58:52 EST
 Davetracer@xxxxxxx wrote:
I have a real need for an oscilloscope for a time-crunch project I'm doing for a client. The nice scope I had died some time ago and its poor cousin decided that now was a good time to die.
   Random Thought:
   There are places that rent test equipment.
   I've never dealt with them, dunno cost or practicalities.

A good rule of thumb for test equipment rentals is that rental price will be about 5%-10% of the purchase price per month. That is, a $5000 scope will rent for $250-$500/month. (that includes delivery, return, calibration, etc.) So, if you're going to be using it for more than a year or so, you're probably better off buying (but watch out for calibration and maintenance costs if you decide to buy.. they're non-trivial for some gear..)

It's tough to get rentals for less than 30 day period, but it can be done, especially if they happen to have what you need sitting on the shelf and it hasn't been rented for a long time. Rates will be higher. In a somewhat different industry, we used to have what we called a 3 or 4 day rental week.. that is, the price to rent a piece of gear for a week was the 3x-4x the daily rental rate. Test equipment is probably different, but has a similar economy of scale. Monthly rental is probably 2x the weekly rate, for instance.


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