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Re: [TCML] pole pig question

Hey Jim,

dont use a cap to test a trannie this big! It may go POOF along with the transformer.. as far as the voltage increase on the back side of the balast, sounds like you have gone resonate on the hi volt side of the trannie and are getting some serious volt peaks being reflected back to the primary of the piggie...

test the piggie using a hi current hi voltage resistor 1KW @ 1KOhm ( wire wound dont work to well they simply arc over to the next winding) would be a good start, caps dont offer a power consumption value ( something is needed to dissapate power ((heat))

either boost your ballast to a stronger value ( 30 amp max current flow) or increase the KVA of your variacs to match the piggie. if the piggie shorts on the secondary side and draws full current possible, you will smoke the variac in short order or blow the fuse ( hopefuly this will happen first (( blown fuse))

be safe be alert

Scot D

Jim Calvin wrote:

Hi guys,

           I am trying to test my 25KVA  pole pig.  I am not running my
coil yet.  I wanted to test the system out.  So this is how I have it wired:


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