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[TCML] In need of oscilloscope [Denver] rather quickly if possible

I have a real need for an oscilloscope for a time-crunch project I'm doing  
for a client.
The nice scope I had died some time ago and its poor cousin decided that  now 
was a good time to die.
This does not need to be a digital, 10,000 Mhz storage scope with ten  
channels that can also surf the Web during slack times. Just about anything with  
two channels and a whopping 10 Mhz that... well,  glows...  will  do the job.
I had a 'scope contact from the list but don't know what happened to him;  he 
must have gotten delayed ...
I'm in Denver, Colorado, willing to do a drive to pickup within even a  
not-that-reasonable distance.
Let me know if interested off-list.
 ( davetracer /at/ aol.com )
Many thanks!
  Dave Small

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