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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer


Clive Hansen wrote:
> Hello all,
>    Has anybody tried building their own  transformer to drive a coil. It 
> seems simple enough, yet I've never  heard about it. If not, does anybody 
> know why this is not commonly  done. Tesla wound his own transformers and 
> his coils outperformed most  of ours.
> -Clive


Hi Clive,
If your really interested in building everything from scratch, Reactor,  
Transformer, Induction coil, Tesla coil, Motor, etc., try to find a copy of  
"Electrical Book for Boys" by Willard Doan, 1959. Very heavy on step-by-step  
instructions, very light on theory. Some chapters of this book are  available 
on-line at: _http://bizarrelabs.com/cat.htm_ (http://bizarrelabs.com/cat.htm) 
Matt D.

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