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Re: [TCML] Coil forms, any good?

Hi Adam, All,
All PVC Pressure pipe is thick-walled, but the reverse is, unfortunately,  
not true. I have a piece of 3" pipe right here marked, 
3" Silverline COEX Cellular Core PVC-DWV PIPE IPS SCH-40 [ASTM F-891-00  
NSF-dwv I/O] 12 
SL-M-818 ** NON-PRESSURE ** NC 12/15/02 17:26
Matt D.
In a message dated 1/16/08 7:49:10 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx writes:

Thick  walled PVC is pressure pipe, which means it's
NSF approved for transporting  drinking water. Thin
walled pvc is drain pipe, which "may" have less  QA/QC
than pressure pipe.


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