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Re: [TCML] Coil forms, any good?

I wouldn't ever classify cellular core as thick
walled, but I guess for someone who isn't in the

I could quote pipe classifications (such as schedule
40, 80, 120, SDR, CPVC, etc.), but most folks aren't
familiar with them, so I'll stick with thick and thin
walled in my descriptions. Just stay away from that
cellular core crap.


--- Mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Adam, All,
> All PVC Pressure pipe is thick-walled, but the
> reverse is, unfortunately,  
> not true. I have a piece of 3" pipe right here
> marked, 
> 3" Silverline COEX Cellular Core PVC-DWV PIPE IPS
> SCH-40 [ASTM F-891-00  
> NSF-dwv I/O] 12 
> SL-M-818 ** NON-PRESSURE ** NC 12/15/02 17:26
> Matt D.

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