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Re: [TCML] Coil forms, any good?

Matt, that's interesting. I imagine they do this to promote flexibility and reduce cracking. Could be a problem for coils I guess. Moisture isn't our friend when the form becomes saturated. Probably a good idea to seal this type of form as was common practice some time ago.

I will personally just keep my eye out and stay away from it.

Thanks for the info.

Mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All, One note of caution. Some thick-wall PVC pipe is marked "CELLULAR CORE", and close inspection will show an inner and outer layer of hard PVC and a center layer of slightly off-white stuff that looks like extremely high-density Styrofoam. It has been reported that this type, if stored outdoors, can absorb water into the core section and needs to be dried like lumber and the ends sealed before use, or you may get into trouble. Some folks have oven-baked it at low temperature or used a hair dryer, some have kept it in a low humidity room for weeks and checked the core ends with a woodworker's moisture meter, and a few have used it as is, with no reported trouble, but I thought I'd mention it. Matt D.
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