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RE: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids


So far, the responses have addressed spacing of the toroid stack only.  But
from the way the original question was worded (see below), I believe Phillip
plans to use a metal spacer and that is why he asks about the diameter of
the spacer.  My engineering judgment says the largest diameter metal
cylinder between the two toroids will contribute the most capacitance.
Anyone see a problem with that?  

--Steve Y.

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You can increase the capacitance indefinitely by increasing the distance 
apart. Provided the spacer is smooth, you won't get any breakout from the 
spacer, only the toroids.
Anything more than a few feet might look silly but here is a pic of my "Red 
Alert" Tesla coil working with 3 spaced toroids and a sphere.


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> Hi all,
> This subject has been discussed some years ago but I wonder if there might
> be some new insight,
> I would like to maximize the total capacitance of two stacked spun Al
> toroids, one 24"x8" (26.5pF) and a 34.5"x8" (37.8pF) unit.
> I intend to use a spacer to separate the toroids but what would be an
> optimum length and diameter of the spacer to extract max capacitance in
> total,
> The secondary diameter is 12.4" and winding at 4.3 to 1 H/D.,
> Any suggestions much appreciated,
> Phillip.

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