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Re: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids

You can increase the capacitance indefinitely by increasing the distance apart. Provided the spacer is smooth, you won't get any breakout from the spacer, only the toroids. Anything more than a few feet might look silly but here is a pic of my "Red Alert" Tesla coil working with 3 spaced toroids and a sphere.


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The hands-on way is to use some method to measure the resonant frequency of
your secondary with the two stacked toroids.  Experiment with a few
configurations and measure the resonant frequency. Maximum capacitance will
produce the lowest resonant frequency.

Note that there are other variables such as proximity of the toroids to
floor & ceiling that affect capacitance.  Also, I think the volume of the
surrounding ionized air "cloud" affects capacitance somewhat and is a
function of both geometry and secondary voltage. But the above method ought
to get you close to your goal.

--Steve Y.

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Hi all,
This subject has been discussed some years ago but I wonder if there might
be some new insight,
I would like to maximize the total capacitance of two stacked spun Al
toroids, one 24"x8" (26.5pF) and a 34.5"x8" (37.8pF) unit.
I intend to use a spacer to separate the toroids but what would be an
optimum length and diameter of the spacer to extract max capacitance in
The secondary diameter is 12.4" and winding at 4.3 to 1 H/D.,
Any suggestions much appreciated,


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