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[TCML] Plasma globes for sale

Hey all,
     I came across somebody who is selling a sizable collection of 
professional plasma globes.  His name is Bryan Martin and he wants to 
get rid of them to offset some unforeseen medical bills, and free up 
space.  They are 12-in Strattman design globes, and most are brand new, 
and barely used.  He would be interested in selling them in a lot or 
separately.  Here are some you tube videos of the globes mentioned.
He had some on Ebay, but you may want to contact him directly if you are 
His e-mail is johnnyblazeinnyc@xxxxxxxxx and he takes pay-pal.  Some 
rare and unusual globes are included like uranium glass, cauldron types, 
and tungsten discharge terminal.  He says he will take any reasonable offer.

Scott Bogard.

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