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Re: [TCML] Engine Hoist Dolly - was: Pig upgrade

Hi David,
Yeah, I figured it's working footprint would be significant, but with the detachable blocks, I thought it would have a low enough profile to be stored on it's side against a wall, somewhere. IDEALLY, we'd probably all like to have a workshop like Dr. Res's in Wisconsin; big enough to drive in, big hoist up on a rail, neighbors are blocks, if not miles away. Oh, well. Anyway, the wife's not home yet, think I'll go downstairs and make some noise. :) Happy sparking, everyone,


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Subject: [TCML] Engine Hoist Dolly - was: Pig upgrade

Hi Neal,

Yes, the heavy duty dolly would be a good solution to
the verticle shortfall of the engine hoist's range. The on-
ly drawback to this idea that I can see is the amount of
storage space such a beast would take up when not in
use, as an engine hoist, in its operational position, has
a substantial footprint. The working surface of the dolly
platform would need to be about that of a 4' x 8' sheet
of 3/4" plywood!

David Rieben

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Subject: Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

I thought about the verticle lift range after I posted, and realized it might come up a little short. However, if one is in a situation often enough to need it, it might be worth building a dolly out of 4" X 4"s with heavy duty casters that the hoist could sit on. 4 X 4 (X 1'-ish) blocks could be used in between the two to give you a few more inches of lift, without having a huge (tall) dolly that's taking up a lot of space. This site http://www.handtrucks.com/?source=googleaw&kwid=dolly&tid=Exact might help with some ideas. I was thinking of something along the line of the dollies listed under "best selling dollies", but with the blocks for more lift.


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