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[TCML] RE: Ballast and ARSG

Hi Everyone
    Thank you for the info on the slide choke , just waiting for the wire now :o) .
  I am building my new coil secondary with a 12" x 60" sonotube wound with18 gauge wire, with 1300 turns.  . I want to build it a bit bigger than I need incase I happen to come across a pig in the future. 
  I am building a 6 pack MOT supply to power it . 
  ARSG is  almost done , just waiting for the brass rod for the electrodes. 
  I ordered some spring bronze weatherstripping for my primary , I really like the look of the primary when its made with it. 
    My neighbours all think im crazy , my nick name is "the mad scientist" , but they enjoy watching my small coil run . Im lucky that I get along with all of them.
   Enough with the ramble . Thanks again for the info
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