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RE: [TCML] copper tube stationary gap - was: NST rebuild good

     I have a 4"dia  coil I run up to 3kw. I use a static gap with 9 ( 8 actual gaps )  1" copper pipes that are 3.25" long , and they are cooled by two muffin fans , each having a 4" fan blade.  My mounting system is diffrent from others Ive seen,...it makes for max cooling & ease of cleaning.  Even if you can hold the temp down on your copper pipes, they will eventualy start 'beading'  and need to be lightly sanded , cleaned etc .  I can simply pick up a pipe, clean it , & lay it back down & its ready to go.    I can Email ya a pic if needed.  Its pretty stable , spark length is good on long runns.
        your coil is 6" dia ?   6"x24" is a good start,..thats the size i used on my 4" coil,..i now run the four  8" gazing ball configuration
                                              keep sparkin' daveB
> From: drieben@xxxxxxxxxxx> To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 07:03:57 -0600> CC: > Subject: [TCML] copper tube stationary gap - was: NST rebuild good> > Hi Bart,> > Thanks for the info. BTW, 1" copper pipe is the largest that> I can find in my local Home Depot or Lowe's. Did you have > to go to an actual old-fashioned hardware store to find the> 1 1/2" copper pipe? I know that larger diameter copper pipe> can be obtained at a plumbinng supply but you mentioned > getting yours at a hardware store. I still have about a 6 ft. > length of 1" copper pipe and I hate the idea of having to > buy more larger idameter copper pipe at its current price$.> (A 10 ft . length of the 1" stuff at my local Lowe's is now> ~$46!). > > Also, what size of toroid would you recommend for my pro-> posed coil? I was thinking around 6 x 24 or possibly even> 8 x 30 (inches). Looks like it's getting close to time to get> another TCML toroid bulk buy ;^)> > David > 
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