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RE: [TCML] Tuning idea

> Ed , you are right. 
> Opps , I did a quick check on the cap this AM to answer
> the question and looked at the Fluke but for got to adjust
> for the 0's. You are correct pF , OK for a 21 MHz RF amp
> but not OK for a Tesla coil. I was just trying to show you
> can build your own, but you need to use a little bigger
> scale. Rich
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That was a good design and well constructed too... but
considering its size i'd expect it to be a little more than
30pf, maybe more like 100pf... i guess that large space
between the plates is the cause. any idea on how a normal
air-vane trimmer (ie. one from a tube radio) would hold up
if it were placed under oil... (ive got one 60 year old one
that has a plate spacing of about .5 mm, wonder if it will
work )... also its value would be insreased by the high
dielectric constant of the oil, especially if refrigerator
(silicon) oil were used...
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