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RE: [TCML] Tuning idea

Ed , you are right. 
Opps , I did a quick check on the cap this AM to answer the question and
looked at the Fluke but for got to adjust for the 0's. You are correct pF ,
OK for a 21 MHz RF amp but not OK for a Tesla coil. I was just trying to
show you can build your own, but you need to use a little bigger scale.

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Thanks Scott.
 The cap in the picture is 28 to 85 NF, it has a wide spacing, approx .405
spacing. (7/16 spacer with .032 rotor stock). You can get a better range
with a closer spacing but then loose on voltage rating. The spacers are
premade for #10 machine screws, you can buy them by a sack of 100pc, or one
at a time, any length and I have got them at flea markets also. Several
small parts places on the internet carry them, threaded rod is standard
 Don't know on fab time as made a little here and a little there.  I had the
roughed out rotor and stator plates for a few years until I retired and had
some time. The first try was with alum end plates but the min capacitance
was too high so now Lexan end. The only odd ball part is the wiper on the
rotor end. It is formed from BeCu sheet them heat treated at 600 degree. I
like to make things by hand. If I could stand at my drill press and saw and
things for a long period of time my wife would never see me.


	Hate to be picky but, unless that thing is much larger than it
appears, 28 to 85 nF [0.028 to 0.085 uF] is way too high.  The diameter of
the 10-32 screws pretty well defines the size.


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