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[TCML] Is this right?

hello all,
i found the on the website:  www.prc68.com/I/electron.shtml
(if the link shows up)  

...All of the above is very important since a coil operating
at it's self resonant frequency has a Q of 1, no matter how
it was made.  (This is something that 99.99% of the Tesla
coil builders don't get.)  So in order to get high Q you
need to load the coil with a capacitance that's
substantially larger than the self capacitance.   You can
see the it's very important to not only wind the coil in
such a way that the HF resistance is minimized but also in
such a way that the self resonant frequency is as high as

is this true? secondry with a Q of 1 no matter what when @
its res. frequency?????
if it is right then how does that happen??

BTW...why in older posts was the "." replaced with the word
"-dot-" in links?
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