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[TCML] HIGH VOLTAGE - X-RAY Trannys 4$ale

Just acquired 7 more X ray Transformers. Most are 125 KVP dc @ 300-600 MA, and conv 50-60 hz cores (one is a switcher) . As most know you can exceed that current level significantly for short runs, or operate them @ the spec level for some considerable time before theres any appreciable thermal rise. These have application for Marx Generators, or one heck of a Jacobs Ladder or large air gap (most of these will fire a 14-16" air gap with ease - and a 3-4' power arc can be drawn from them - can you say IMPRESSIVE!).

I sell these for a titch above scrap price - so - around $375 ea for the mid sized ones, $700 - $900 for the monsters, and $120 for the switchmode.

These arent for the novice - as with a pig, these can be lethal - and even moreso due to the extreme voltages produced - these also require externally shunting/ballasting - and I have solutions there). Shipping is pretty straightforward: I use a truck line that extends me a 70% discount - which I pass along, so an average of shipping such a critter to your locale runs about $260.

Holler at  me if interested...

Jack King - 801-604-5136

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