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Re: [TCML] Tuning idea

Hi All,

I have thought of doing it also. My idea was a rotory variable in oil, built in a 5 gal plastic bucket. While it can be done, it would have to have a motorized rotor to tune on the fly. I prefer to keep HV stuff together, and not have long HV lines running to the coil. Also the points Gary made are valid.

I do remember seeing a picture of one primary in which the tap point was motorized and could be changed during a run. IDK, but I'd think the system would have problems with arcing and welding itself.

David E Weiss

While the idea of live-tuning is attractive, I think that building a variable cap as you suggest has two problems. First is that it would have to be rather large to achieve enough capacitance to be useful. Second, a single cap would suffer heavily from corona.

Regards, Gary Lau

Hi all

ive had an idea about tuning: instead of using a variable
primary tap, and
having to cut power change tap position and reapply power
etc, etc, why not
use a variable tank capacitance... a high voltage trimmer
cap coulg be made
out of any flat sheet material (hard disk platters cut in
half?) and placed
in paralell with the tank cap. tuning could be done while
powered up and
would be as simple as turning a wheel... you could also keep
the coil in
tune as spark length/capacitance to earth increases as arcs
are drawn off.
is this a new idea or has some one allready thought of it in
the past and
put it in the "couldnt be bothered" corner?


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